BTN of Oregon is a family-run affair. When Mike handed the company down to his sons; together they crafted the business name BTN (of Oregon) tying in Ben, Tyler, and Nathan's names.

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Mike got his start in the Christmas tree industry at the young age of 13 when he purchased his first piece of property. He needed to make a payment and harvested the trees on the land to do so. With his years of research on planting, growing, and harvesting comes a level of knowledge and experience in which very few innovators in the industry can match. His work ethic and dedication to perfecting the quality of each tree proves to be the foundation at which BTN was laid. He is pictured with his wife, Marea, who also works for the family business; mainly grading/tagging trees in the summer months and in the office during the busy harvest season.  

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The oldest of the 3 Stone sons, Ben, is the president of BTN. His experience on the retail side of the business is unmatched. Aside from owning a retail lot in California for the past 20 years, he also displays expertise in the areas of transportation and sales, heading large customer accounts. His wife, Lisa, serves as the office manager and runs the California Tree Kings lot. Their son, Zac, is continually expressing his interest in becoming a future farmer.



The vice president, Tyler, oversees all operations and work involved in making the business run like a well-oiled machine. From coordinating schedules, managing harvest and non-harvest labor, to ensuring customer satisfaction he carries large responsibilities with ease. His hands-on approach and vast knowledge in all aspects of the industry are keys to BTN's continued success throughout the years. He is pictured in front of a helicopter used to transport trees during harvest with his children, Luke and Ava.





Nate, the youngest of the 3 sons serves as the head mechanic, managing repair and maintenance of all of the farm's equipment. His creativity and ability to innovate systems to enhance vehicle functionality and longevity proves valuable, especially during the busy harvest season. His wife, Stephanie, and boys, Evan and Dillon complete his family.